Since 2000 and with over 15 member laboratories we're constantly improving feeding decisions for farmers...

As a result of FAA’s work the accuracy of forage analysis is constantly improving and the variability reducing, making the information on which feeding decisions are based more reliable. In turn this helps to reduce inefficiencies in all aspects of the agri-food supply chain.

Quality Control

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FAA members use a variety of methods to measure silage composition rapidly, reliably and accurately..
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Reliable forage analysis results require good sampling techniques.
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Forage plays a key role in livestock diet. Knowing the nutritional quality of silage allows optimised feed formulation.
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Introduction to the FAA Group

Founded in 2000, FAA Group member laboratories in UK and Ireland, collectively analyse around 70,000 samples of grass, maize and whole cereal silage annually. The results of those analyses are used by farmers and feed advisers to formulate ruminant diets that are economic, efficient and environmentally sound.

Silage is a variable material itself and as sampling techniques and analytical methods can add further variability, we provide advice on best sampling techniques and monitor the accuracy of results by participation in a monthly proficiency testing scheme.

Our members have a wealth of industry and scientific knowledge to support your feeding decisions.

Ensuring accurate, consistent forage analysis

A reliable analysis of any forage is the foundation on which to formulate ruminant diets that are:
  • Economic
  • Efficient
  • Environmentally sound.

FAA ensures consistent, reliable analysis time after time

Some 18 FAA members collectively analyse around 70,000 samples of grass, maize and whole cereal silage annually using techniques including Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS) for rapid, reliable and accurate analysis of forage quality. FAA provides quality assurance across all members’ laboratories to ensure consistent and reliable results – the essential foundation for calculating feed rations.

Working for consistency and reliability

Silage is a naturally variable material. Because instruments and operators can also vary, FAA members are committed to achieving the best level of reliability currently available. This begins with online advice on best sampling techniques to achieve representative samples from bag, bale or pit. Then the monthly proficiency testing scheme, based on supplied standard samples, enables each laboratory operated by FAA members, to ensure the conformity of their instruments and processes..

Farmers using quality marked FAA member laboratories can have the utmost confidence in the precision and integrity of their silage analysis and can be reassured that the result they get back is as accurate as it can be, given the current science available and all the factors that prevail.
John Kelley, Chairman, FAA

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FAA Group Membership

FAA Group membership is open to all laboratories and businesses with activities relating to forage.

Full membership for analysing businesses involves participation in the annual Proficiency Testing scheme. The FAA Group quality mark can be applied to customer reports by those members demonstrating consistent compliance in forage analysis.

Associate membership is open to others such as forage analysing equipment suppliers, those involved with silage making processes and additives, nutritionists and so on.

Contact us to find out further details of membership and how it can benefit your business.

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